Bokante Summer tour

I'm excited to be going out on the road with Bokante! If you don't know them yet, check them out. Their new album is coming out soon.
It is Micheal League from Snarky Puppy's new band and it's killing!
We'll be all over Europe so come say hi!

Live on Jimmy Kimmel

Watch the Jimmy Kimmel show tonight, we'll be playing the Talking Heads' Once in a Lifetime with Angelique Kidjo!

Touring with Lizz Wright

Touring with Lizz Wright

I'm excited to be going on the road in Europe with the amazing Lizz Wright this April.

The music is beautiful and her band is killing!

Make sure you check out her new album, Grace.

And if you're in any of the cities we're hitting, get in touch so we...

Writing for TV

Been writing a bunch in the last year or so for TV, it's been fun!
If you watch American Pickers, you'll probably hear some of tunes!

Austin City Limits

Wow! That was amazing! We had a such a great time!
It felt pretty heavy to be part of that legendary show!

It steamed live that night but will be on the PBS site soon!

Trio with Nir Felder and Yuval Lion

We're looking into booking another date for the trio at Nublu.

It's never easy cause we're all busy but it's such a good feeling when we play!

I can't wait to get together again with these maestros!

Stay tuned, it's coming in the fall!

With Angelique Kidjo at Rock in Rio

It's always so great to go to Rio!
And this was such an amazing festival!
We played on the Sunset stage so we collaborated with Richard Bona and his killing musicians Ludwig (drummer) and Etienne (keys)
We figured out very quickly how to divide bass duties in rehearsal and it...

Summer East Coast tour with Kellylee Evans

I'm really looking forward to this east coast run we're going to do with Kellylee Evans.
She's a canadian badass and the repertoire is super fun!

It's Soul/jazz and it's been a pleasure learning the songs!

Playing near you this summer, look out for dates!

Finished producing a couple of great tracks!

I just finished the production on 2 great tracks!

One by Alex Bell (it's called Ground Beneath Me) and one by Brianna Sage (called Love Storm)

You can listen to both on this site.

I love Eber Pinheiro's mixes and Fred Kevorkian's mastering on both!
Those guys are masters!


The Revelations' new EP is done!

Keep an eye/ear out for it coming soon!
it sounds sick!

We're heading to Vicksburg, MS this Friday for a show and we'll be debuting some of the new tunes there!

Playing with Angeiique Kidjo

Playing with Angeiique Kidjo

I've been playing/touring with the great Angelique Kidjo all summer! :)

There are some interesting shows coming up (Nigeria, Ethiopia, Benin...)

Stay tuned!

Recording at Royal Studios in Memphis with the Revelations

I went down to Memphis with the Revelations (with Rell now singing and sounding amazing!) for a week to record at the legendary Royal Studios!
Incredible place, home to all the Al Green records, now run by Boo Mitchell.

The studio sounds so good AND we had the amazing...

Daisy Jopling's first band album

I am very honored to be producing and playing on Daisy Jopling's first band album!

We're about to go get it mastered and it sounds amazing!!

Thanks so much to the incredible musicians:
Doug Yowell on drums
Daniel Mintseris on piano and keys
Bashiri Johnson on percussion and wind...